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At Exercisabilities, we bring physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, health, wellness, and recreation programming to everyone, despite any need for adaptation, physical help or financial assistance to achieve safe, active, fun and effective recovery from any medical illness or physical impairment. We work to help all individuals meet their full potential through individualized assessment, goal setting, and program design that is tailored for each unique person. Our facility is state of the art with fully accessible equipment, highly skilled staff, and innovative programs designed to help you be more active, healthy, and achieve your rehabilitation, fitness, and recovery goals. Our philosophy that lifelong recovery is possible far beyond the current limits of our medical and insurance model is refreshing and unique in the upper Midwest. Check out our many programs for all ages and abilities and you are sure to find many that will fit your hopes and dreams!

Exercisabilities is a 501c3 nonprofit working every day to assure all people who need our services can access our programs.  Support our cause today…we are not just another gym, we bring quality of life, health, and well being to all!

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