Adaptive Fitness

Welcome to our Forever Strong Program

Exercisabilities strives to inspire optimal health and wellness in all people despite any physical or medical adversity. With this mission, we are committed to provide an environment that offers safe, active, fun, and effective fitness services. Exercisabilities offers services that provide the right level of fitness intensity for your specialized needs.

Forever Strong Exercise Therapy is a unique approach to wellness programming. Exercise Therapy is:


  • Modified to accommodate your physical and cognitive abilities using the S.A.F.E Assessment Tool
  • Instructed by specially trained Exercise Specialist Staff
  • Equipped with specialized wheelchair accessible equipment to meet all levels of specialized needs
  • A lifetime approach to wellness in the setting of a medical diagnosis or physical limitation

Affordable and committed to serve the disability population

  • We are licensed as a 245D facility.  We provide ILS and Specialist Services under the CADI and DD waivers
  • For those who do not have a CADI or DD waiver, we offer sliding scale fee options to assure that you can afford what you need.
  • CDCS waivers may cover your services.  We can look into it for you.
  • The only exercise therapy available in SE MN

Being well is not a luxury, it is a need that each and every human being should have access to. Research has shown the primary factor in living a longer, healthier life is activity and fitness. Join Forever Strong today!

Call to make an appointment to come in for a FREE assessment to design an exercise and fitness plan for your ability. The prices may vary with each level of ability.

Youth Adaptive Fitness is here!

EA is also offering youth adaptive fitness.  Trevor Redlin, CTRS and Alex Olsen, CPT have received expert training in Autism Fitness and is ready to bring the world of exercise and fitness to your child or teen.  Please call to schedule your free fitness assessment today.  CDCS Waivers may pay for your services as a part of your child’s health care plan.