Transitional Rehab Program – Forever Strong

You can be Forever Strong!

Forever Strong is a transitional rehabilitation exercise program designed to be a lifelong approach to health and wellness through specialized adaptive fitness and recreational exploration including Independent Living Skills, Exercise Therapy, and adaptive sports.  Often, therapy services end much too soon due to lack of insurance coverage.  The end of therapy can be worrisome to many.  Our staff take away the worry by helping you to continue to work on your goals through skilled assistance, guided exercise training, and fully a fully accessible facility.  

Exercisabilities strives to inspire individuals of all levels of ability to achieve their full potential. With this mission, we are committed to provide an environment that offers safe, active, fun, and effective fitness services to help our clients reach an optimal level of health and wellness.

We offer many different types of programming in Forever Strong from individual to group sessions. Our group classes are designed to be disease specific so that we can focus on your unique recovery needs. See below for a list of classes and programs.

Being well is not a luxury, it is a need that each and every human being should have access to.

  • How do I get started?

You may start Forever Strong after or during formal rehabilitation with PT or OT, or start new without PT or OT first. If you are new, call to make an appointment to come in for a FREE ASSESSMENT with our recreation therapist or exercise specialists to find your SAFE level. We will design an exercise plan based on your SAFE ability level. We utilize a detailed assessment to identify the level of assistance that you will require to meet your goals and to exercise with safety.  This SAFE level will help to guide your programming to assure your activities are effective and appropriate for your abilities and goals today.  We offer many different types of programming and assistance based on your physical and cognitive ability levels to participate ranging from individual to group programs.

  • How can I pay for this if insurance will not cover it?

Typically programs outside of skilled therapy are not covered by insurance. We do offer Silver and Sneaker and Silver and Fit to cover some of our large group classes and open gym if it is appropriate for you to participate in. We also work with the state of MN waiver programs with a 245D license. There are also many disease specific foundations that may help pay for your Forever Strong program. Finally, we may be able to offer sliding scale fees for those not on the waiver program if financial ability to pay is a concern. You will meet with our business office staff to assure that your goals are met despite any inability to pay.

  • What Classes and Programs do you offer?
  1. Independent living skills training: We offer a recreational based ILS Program led by our Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. These will range from small group to individual session depending on your assessed SAFE ability level. They may include community skills, exercise and wellness, recreational activities, computer based learning, and many other activities based on your goals and your road map to health.
  2. Exercise Therapy: We offer post rehabilitation exercise therapy delivered by our Exercise Specialists and designed to ensure you will continue on your path to recovery when skilled PT/OT no longer is an option. You will use much of the same equipment and continue with the right amount of assistance for you to achieve your goals based on your SAFE ability level assessment and your road map to health.
  3. Group Exercise/Medical Fitness Classes:  We offer several disease specific group exercise programs. They are all research evidence based, and designed to enhance your overall recovery program.  See our full list of current Medical Fitness Classes Here.