Exercisabilities is Committed to Improving the Health of Olmsted County,

by starting with reducing childhood obesity. KidShape 2.0 includes interactive nutrition activities, with a family cooking program and physical activity education component as well.  It is delivered by a registered dietitian and a youth exercise specialist, utilizing the KidShape 2.0 curriculum, which is evidence based and developed by a team of experts which included dietitians, a professional chef, youth exercise experts, teachers, and behavior change psychotherapists.

Interactive family-based weight management lessons focus on eating healthy, moving more, and feeling good.  Lessons include:

  • an initial individualized assessment
  • 6 interactive sessions which include nutrition games and activities, family cooking program, cognitive behavior modification, self-esteem and parenting support, fun physical activities, and more!
  • 8 ongoing monthly meetings with similar format
  • Adult and age appropriate color workbooks
  • Self-monitoring kid-friendly tracking tool

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Many insurances including MN Health Care Program may cover the cost of this program with a physician order for children over the 85th percentile for weight.

Medical, physical, or cognitive disorders welcome!

How to refer to KidShape at Exercisabilities

The KidShape 2.0 program, delivered by our registered dietitian, is potentially reimbursable by insurance as group medical nutrition therapy.  It does require a prescription from a qualified medical provider in order to be billed.  Cost is $120 for 6 hour and a half sessions if you medical insurance will not cover the cost.  Ongoing maintenance classes $20 each.


Fax your prescription with diagnosis indicating the child’s percentile based diagnosis code (overweight or obese) and contact information, along with order specification for :

¨  1 Medical Nutrition Assessment

¨  16 group medical nutrition therapy sessions

¨  Length of term- 1 year from start


We will take care of everything from there.  We will contact their insurance company to insure coverage and notify them of any potential out of pocket expense based on this analysis (co-pays or deductibles will apply).

  • Classes are for groups of 6 children and their families.
  • Classes begin regularly – Thursdays  5pm-7pm (please have dinner prior to class)
  • Next class set to begin in September!  Call today!