Medical Fitness

What is medical fitness?:  Medical Fitness is an approach to wellness and fitness services that is medically minded.  If you have a medical condition such as diabetes mellitus, heart disease, chronic pain, any neurologic or physically disabling condition, a medical fitness center is an excellent place to workout. The facility will have professionals that are well aware of providing individualized programs for people with medical conditions. Further, the programs the facility offers will also be condition friendly.

What does Exercisabilities offer for medical fitness programming?  Exercisabilities offers many condition specific classes.  These include Parkinson Wellness, Stroke Fitness, Adaptive Strength, and the Diabetes Prevention Program.  In addition, our staff consists of Exercise Physiologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Therapeutic Recreation Specialists and Personal Trainers.  These staff members bring high levels of skill in order for your fitness program and rehabilitation therapy to be safe and effective.

Our Forever Strong post rehabilitation program will help you to continue to work on your therapy goals with assist from staff who know how to help you just like your therapist did in order to work even after your traditional insurance payment ends for therapy.