Parkinson Wellness Recovery: PWR!

PWR! and PWR! Boxing for Parkinson Disease and other Movement Disorders

At Exercisabilities, we follow the most accurate and latest research in exercise and therapy. We believe that physical activity and exercise can slow the progression of the symptoms of Parkinson Disease (PD).   We offer thorough evaluations including many functional tests as well as cognitive testing to establish a baseline in your function, balance, and mobility safety. We then offer neurologic physical therapy that follows PWR! And Big and Loud principles to develop a safe and effective exercise program that can either be completed at home or in one of our PWR! Classes onsite.  We can do yearly or periodic reassessments to compare you progression or prevention from the previous evaluation.   See the PWR! Page for more details on our 55 minute PWR! Classes that have been research proven to slow the progression of PD symptoms. In addition, any of our aerobic group classes for strength, balance, yoga, or pilates would be beneficial for any person with PD.   Call us today for an appointment, free assessment or to ask questions on this program.

Check out the PWR!4Life philosophy that we use in our classes


EA gets a Medbike – High Speed Bike Proven to improve the effects of PD.  Check out the BIODEX Website.

Thank you to the Rochester Area Foundation for the generous grant to cover the full cost of the Medbike in Fall, 2016.  Clients can come use the bike for free after initial orientation!