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Our Therapists

Krissy Gillard, Kathy Smith CCC-SLP, Michelle Roberts, and Tessah Skoog, PT, DPT

Krissy Gillard, OTR/L

Dr. Tessah Skoog, PT, DPT has been working with Exercisabilities in many areas of expertise since April of 2017.  She has a love for children and working with the pediatric population.  She is interested in all areas of pediatrics and looks forward to growing the program at EA!  Read a recent Blog by Tessah on the need for specialized pediatric rehabilitation.

Kathy Smith, CCC-SLP, has worked 20+ years in treating many different speech and language delays in children.  She has worked in multiple settings and with multiple ages.

Michelle Roberts, CCC-SLP


Our Facility and Program

Exercisabilities is a state of the art rehabilitation center for outpatient care.  Our pediatric clinic is designed to optimize your child’s rehabilitation experience.  Exercisabilities has a unique approach to life long rehabilitation and wellness support.  We have many programs that span the lifelong needs of any person with intellectual, physical, or emotional impairments. These programs strive to improve their function in their home and community as well as improve their overall health and quality of life through movement, fitness, recreation, wellness, nutirition and skilled rehabilitation.  You will find our holistic approach will allow a one stop location for all of your child’s needs in rehabilitation care.

How to get started

To inquire more about our program or to make an initial evaluation appointment, call 507-259-7570.  Or you can fax your referral to 888-624-3107.

Items to bring us prior to your first visit:

  •        A copy of an MD referral for each discipline required for PT, OT, and SLP
  •        Medical insurance card
  •        Medical record copies from the previous year, especially medical visit summary, any recent SLP, OT, or PT evaluations or treatment notes, school IEP if available, any other reports or test results, and a medication list.
  •        Expect your first evaluation visit may take up to 2 hours.

Thank you for considering Exercisabilities to be your new partner in your child’s journey to grow, improve, and achieve great things!