Volunteers and Job Opportunities

Job Openings

We currently have no openings.  Feel free to send us your resume and we will keep it on file and notify you if an openings comes up.

Contact Melanie@exercisabilitiespt.org to send resume or for more information.



At Exercisabilities, we enjoy working with students.  We work with the following categories:

  1. Physical Therapy graduate internships/affiliation:  We have contracts with several PT schools and are always open to more contracts.  Please contact Lisa Bailey, PT – CCCE for more information on setting up an internship/affiliation at Lisa@exercisabilitiespt.org
  2. Pre-physical therapy observations:  See below for sign up for summer observation hours 2018. We enjoy allowing students to shadow a PT at any time.  Please contact contact Lisa Bailey, PT – CCCE for more information on setting up an volunteer observation experience at Lisa@exercisabilitiespt.org  We may ask for resume’s to be sent during peak times of Christmas break/J term and Summer.  Please direct your request to Lisa by email.
  3. Exercise Internships:  We like to have at least one formal Exercise Science Intern at all times.  This allows for a 1 to 3 month internship.  We work with several area University programs.  To request an internship position, send resume and request to  trevor@exercisabilitiespt.org

Pre-Physical Therapy or Pre-Exercise Internship:  We take long term interns for more hands on experience as well.  We will take 2-3 summer interns and potential over Christmas.  You will be trained to assist with some aspects of client care and can track this as observation hours toward your graduate school application.  Please direct PT requests to Lisa as above and Exercise requests to Trevor as above. Exercise Science interns must be supported by their university and should be earning college credit to qualify for hands on experience



We are always welcoming volunteers. If you are looking for volunteer hours for school or just looking to spend time with this specific population we would love to have you join our team. If interested please fill out this Volunteer Form.  Please contact Trevor Redlin, email: trevor@exercisabilitiespt.org or call 507-259-7570.