Forever Strong Therapeutic Health Improvement Program

ExercisAbilities staff strives to inspire optimal health for improved quality of life for individuals of all ages and abilities. We believe that a healthy eating lifestyle, regular fitness, and adaptive recreation is essential to keeping your rehabilitation for recovery moving forward.

You want to reach your or your loved one’s goals for long term recovery, but likely, your insurance coverage is not adequate to cover enough therapy or may be ending too soon. Where will you get the same great assistance that you had from your PT, OT or SLP, and access to the same equipment, but at an affordable price that won’t make you go broke? At ExercisAbilities, we know that it is difficult to continue your own rehab after PT and OT end. The motivation to do that exercise program, the difficulty it places on your spouse or as a parent, the low impact of what you can do at home without the right specialized equipment, all make it difficult to keep up the forward progress. This is why we designed our Adaptive Therapeutic Exercise Program, called Forever Strong. In our Forever Strong Program, you will work with our exercise and recreation team, with consultation from our PT, OT, and Speech therapists, to continue to work aggressively on what you need to do to keep getting stronger and healthier. We will first assess what amount of assistance and adaptive equipment you need to achieve safe and effective activities. Then, we will decide which service or program will get you to your goals.

Your Individualized Forever Strong Program may include:

  • Small group training with a focus on similar abilities with peers
  • Individual one on one training to provide assist and instruction for safe exercise
  • Use of adaptive exercise equipment for strengthening and aerobic condition including the MedBike and ICare Elliptical
  • Adaptive Recreation such as Wheelchair Basketball
  • And more!

Affordable, Quality Care

As a nonprofit, we are committed to assuring that every person gets their desired level of care at EA to meet their goals no matter what level of financial status.

  • We are licensed as a 245D facility. We provide Specialist Services under the CADI and DD waivers
  • For those who do not have a CADI or DD waiver, we offer sliding scale fee options to assure that you can afford what you need.
  • CDCS waivers may cover your services. We can look into it for you.
  • We can help you to explore other ways to pay for desired services

Being well is not a luxury, it is a need that each and every human being should have access to. Research has shown the primary factor in living a longer, healthier life is activity and fitness.

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