Inclusive Personal Training

Personal TrainerOur personal trainers are therapeutic health specialists. They work with anyone who wants to improve their health and stay strong. Having an expert motivate and guide you to achieve your goals and push you along the way can make all the difference in the world when it comes to success.

Safety: Our number one concern is that individuals are safe in our gym. Not only will you learn about our equipment, you will learn how to use your own body in the most efficient way. We will be sure you are pushing yourself but not beyond your capabilities. Overtraining can be dangerous and we will be sure to teach all aspects of your exercise program as far as the what, why and how.

Sports specific training: Our personal trainers have advanced training and certifications and are highly skilled to assess, analyze, and address your areas that need strength training, flexibility, and retraining in order to achieve better results in your sport or fitness activity.

Personal TrainingHighly skilled in medical conditions and physical disability: Our therapeutic health and training staff work side by side with our physical therapy staff. You will not find this at any other facility in Southeast MN.  Our expert team gives you THE BEST safe and effective approach to safely help you progress and achieve results like you have never seen before.

Motivation and Accountability: Our trainers will build a routine based on the entire teams input that will keep you on your road to better health. One aspect to remember is that physical activity should never stop! We want you to progress to the point where you can be as independent as possible. We will recommend home programs and community programs or activities to participate in to integrate you back into community wellness options

Results Driven Progress: Whether it be strength, endurance, weight loss, pain reduction or any other goal you may have, we have trainers to help get the job done. Together we will create goals that are attainable and we will pair you with the best trainer to help you get to a healthier, happier, and more confident you.

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