Neurologic Injury Recovery


Intensive Neurologic Recovery for Individuals with Paralysis related to Spinal Cord Injury or Brain Injury

  • Are you finished with your acute rehab and looking for outpatient options for your therapies?
  • Have you been told that you have met the maximum potential that your outpatient therapists can achieve with you but you know you want and need more therapy?
  • Have you been sent home with a home exercise program that you and your family/caregiver are having trouble doing?
  • Do you wish you still had access to the awesome equipment in rehab?
  • Are you feeling like you, or your loved one is ready to get out and get moving because sitting all day in a chair is causing many other health problems, fatigue, muscle deterioration, pain, and risk of skin injury?


ExercisABILITIES provides a continuum of care for individuals of all ages children through adults living with paralysis due to spinal cord injury or other neurologic injuries from both congenital or acute injury causes. Our facility is 100% accessible, has much of the same equipment as you encountered on rehab, and has specially trained staff who understand your needs and are able to assist you in getting back your health while continuing your rehabilitation process.

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Activity Based Exercise Program

Activity-based exercise programs are designed specifically for clients with physical disabilities to enable them to be “fit for life.” Our personal trainers and exercise physiologists have received specialized Neuro Recovery Network (NRN) training. Research conducted by the NRN has shown that activity based exercise brings significant improvements in people with paralysis in many areas of function. Improved trunk strength, improved bowel and bladder, improved circulation, improved health measures, decreased spasticity and overall improved muscle tone and well-being have all been shown in multiple large scale studies.

It is important to continue your rehabilitation long beyond the point where insurances stop covering physical therapy. An intensive post rehabilitation program will keep you strong and you will see further gains fitness, health, strength, mobility, and more.


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