Resources for Scholarship and Funding

ExercisAbilities and EA Pediatrics are non-profit organizations committed to turning no child, family, or person away.  We fundraise to offer our own internal reduced fees and scholarship access to all of our services for those with demonstrated financial need.  Please fill out the Financial Assessment Form and return to our office if you would like to be considered for reduced fees or scholarship for any programs.

We also work with several other organizations who take personal direct requests to provide funds to access our programs or to purchase needed rehab equipment for you at home.  Check out these foundations for potential funding opportunities!

EA Financial Assessment FORM


Project 34

MW Fund

Tighten the Drag Foundation

Getting Back Up

Dream 2 Walk

Chanda Plan Foundation

Falling Forward

Victoria’s Victory

Triumph Foundation

Ian Burkhart Foundation

To find out if our physical rehabilitation, specialized fitness, therapeutic recreation or health coaching program is right for you, schedule a free initial consultation. During this, we will talk about you and determine how we can support you in achieving your health and life improvement goals.

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